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MEOW’s Black Ops III Highlights…So Far

So this is a classic example of the MEOW clan’s teamwork. Here is how I think the conversation could have gone:

Nuttdogg: Got him! Gotta reload…

Pigskin Tickler: Geronimo!

Nuttdogg: Oh Shit, Guys are falling from the sky! He dead. Oh no, it was my brother!

Abe Rio Gunman: Dude, did you just shoot your bother?

Nuttdogg: What the hell are you guys doing dropping in on me like that?! I’m on fucking fire! Wait here, I’m going to toss a grenade over there.

Brando_I (from far away): RANDOM GRENADE TOSS!  Oh crap, sorry guys.


COD: AW Maps with Labels

Check ’em out…

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