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FF: Head to Head and Top 5 Combo – 2015 Final

With the conclusion of the 2015 season I went back and finished the Head to Head and Top 5 standings combo to see if it would have changed the outcomes. The short answer is yes.


The teams in green were the same teams to make the playoffs as with our regular head to head standings however the Hopkins Mafia won the Blue division due to tiebreakers but with the combo standings the Crows come out on top and get the first round bye.  That ended up changing the playoffs quite a bit.

In our real playoffs the Crows were eliminated in the first round but in this version the Mafia would have been eliminated and the Crows would have taken their place in the 2 week final. It wouldn’t have changed our champion but the Crows would have finished 2nd overall and made some money. Instead, in reality, they lost the Toilet Bowl final.

All in all, I like this setup. I think it gets closer to always getting the best teams in without losing the head to head element. It also helps with tiebreakers. The Hopkins Mafia swept the Crows this year head to head so they won the tiebreaker but with this scenario the Crows had two more good scoring weeks than the Mafia so the tie is broken before the head to head results matter.

Could be an interesting addition to the league.


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