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Episode 9 – We’re Back! Softball, Spartans and Game of Thrones

FF: Head to Head and Top 5 Combo – 2015 Final

With the conclusion of the 2015 season I went back and finished the Head to Head and Top 5 standings combo to see if it would have changed the outcomes. The short answer is yes.


The teams in green were the same teams to make the playoffs as with our regular head to head standings however the Hopkins Mafia won the Blue division due to tiebreakers but with the combo standings the Crows come out on top and get the first round bye.  That ended up changing the playoffs quite a bit.

In our real playoffs the Crows were eliminated in the first round but in this version the Mafia would have been eliminated and the Crows would have taken their place in the 2 week final. It wouldn’t have changed our champion but the Crows would have finished 2nd overall and made some money. Instead, in reality, they lost the Toilet Bowl final.

All in all, I like this setup. I think it gets closer to always getting the best teams in without losing the head to head element. It also helps with tiebreakers. The Hopkins Mafia swept the Crows this year head to head so they won the tiebreaker but with this scenario the Crows had two more good scoring weeks than the Mafia so the tie is broken before the head to head results matter.

Could be an interesting addition to the league.


MEOW’s Black Ops III Highlights…So Far

So this is a classic example of the MEOW clan’s teamwork. Here is how I think the conversation could have gone:

Nuttdogg: Got him! Gotta reload…

Pigskin Tickler: Geronimo!

Nuttdogg: Oh Shit, Guys are falling from the sky! He dead. Oh no, it was my brother!

Abe Rio Gunman: Dude, did you just shoot your bother?

Nuttdogg: What the hell are you guys doing dropping in on me like that?! I’m on fucking fire! Wait here, I’m going to toss a grenade over there.

Brando_I (from far away): RANDOM GRENADE TOSS!  Oh crap, sorry guys.

FF: Head to Head and Top 5 Combo

This year we have a scenario where 1 team is scoring a ton of points but due to unlucky match-ups is losing a ton of head to head games. We have floated the idea of adding a top 5 scoring element to the standings to help balance those weeks where a good, high scoring team gets beat by a team that had a huge week. We can all agree that losing 1 or 2 of those a year hurts but it’s an acceptable part of fantasy football. This year we have a team that has lost 4 of these games which means that he will most likely miss the playoffs even though he may finish in the top 3 (10 team league) in points scored.

The idea is that you add a win if the team finishes in the Top 5 in scoring that week and a loss if they finish in the Bottom 5. We had some worries about what that would do to the standings but it doesn’t seem to affect anything other than not crushing good teams as much when they get that unlucky match-up. It doesn’t make the bottom team less likely to catch up because if they start having good weeks they can go 2-0 each week.

If you were to do a roto type of thing and just compile points each week and have no head to head it would get boring and the bottom teams would lose interest. In this proposal each week everyone starts fresh, there is no carry over of your bad weeks so each week every team has a chance to go 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2. If you have a good week you will probably go 2-0, if you have a good week but a bad match-up you can go 1-1 limiting the damage of the bad luck draw and if you have a bad week you go 0-2.

Here is what the standings look like with head to head and then adding in the Top 5:

FF idea

You can see that the standings don’t change but I Love Trans Olympians is still very much in the playoff hunt even though they lost 3 (soon to be 4) games when they were in the top 5 in scoring.

I also looked at 2014’s full season results:

FF idea 2

The playoff teams wouldn’t have changed however the last two weeks would have been really interesting considering 2 wins were on the line each week for each team. Nutty’s Dogg Pound lost the last 2 games of the year but had they scored enough to get into the top 5 they could have tied or passed the Honey Pot Pounders for the final spot.

I also ran the 2013 results and we saw a major change:

FF idea 3

The 5th Seed Nutty’s Dogg Pound was the 9th highest scoring team but had some lucky match-ups and finished 7-6. With this new scenario they would have missed the playoffs and the Honey Pot Pounders would have gotten in.

I like this idea. I think it’s fair and it helps to get the best teams in the playoffs. It rewards you for a good week, punishes you for a bad week and it helps to even out the unlucky match-ups that cost you wins on your good weeks.

COD: AW Maps with Labels

Check ’em out…

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My First Attempt at Predicting TD Chances

I decided to look into trying to devise a way to predict the chances a player has at getting a TD in a given game. I am not there yet but I think I like the path I’m on.

First I started with trying to figure out how many TDs I think each team will score each week. At some point in the last few weeks I ran across someone posting online about using Vegas to help predict the scores of games for fantasy purposes. Since we have all experienced just how good Vegas can be at that stuff it made sense. I will just use one game (Cleveland vs. Atlanta) to demonstrate what I’m thinking.  Read more of this post

Fantasy Football “Experts” should stop projecting TDs

Each week I look at a few “experts” sites for their rankings. I also like to check out the projections to give myself a good chuckle since it is nearly impossible to guess who will get the TDs each week in the NFL. “Experts” need to stop pretending they can do it. There are a few site who have started showing what the chances are that a player might score, which makes much more sense, but I don’t know how accurate they are yet. I think we can all agree that Calvin Johnson has a better chance at a TD than Kendall Wright based on the fact that he gets more targets, their offense is better, he has a better QB, he’s a beast, etc.

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